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Product Preview

  • electronic-hotel-safe-smart-package
  • smart-package-02
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  • electronic-hotel-safe-smart-package
  • smart-package-02
  • smart-package-03
  • smart-package-04




The Smart Button Key, a service tool for hotels, is an easy operating, high security device that fills all the needs of a safe service tool. Advanced options allow users to read event logs from safes, carry-out emergency openings as required and program additional Master Keys quickly on site.

Furthermore, the Smart Button Key provides Triple-Touch-Clear feature in case Master Key lost, the new Master Key can be replaced with not need to replace any safe parts, saving money, time, and headaches.


Product Details


  • Secure, no easy to duplicate.
  • Simple touch access, easy-to-use and convenient service opening.
  • Compatible with Be-Tech Guard safe model.
  • Simple default driven softwareand set up.
  • Programming safe without technical assistance.
  • Full download of safe audit trail through Data Smart Button Key (Black Key).
  • Printable audit trial via PC printer.
  • Every use of smart button key is recorded in safe audit trail.
  • Owner Smart Button Key controls up to 5 individual Master Smart Button Keys.
  • Sets time with Time Smart Button Key.
  • Service opening of safe via Owner Smart Button Key or Master Smart Button Keys.
  • Cost effective and durable.
  • Register holder information of Owner Smart Button Key/Master Smart Button Keys and view event logs through USB interface Smart Button Key reader.




  • Smart Package Accessories
  • Different functionality Smart Button Key will be defined by different color, so plastic key holder with four different colors will be used:
  • 1. Owner Smart Button Key - Red color holder
  • 2. Master Smart Button Key - Blue color holder
  • 3. Time Smart Button Key - Yellow color holder
  • 4. Data Smart Button Key - Black color holder



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